HP 3630 Troubleshooting

How to improve print quality?

  1. Ensure that you use original HP Deskjet 3630 ink cartridges which will provide the best results possible.
  2. Open the HP printer software.
  3. Now, go to the Media drop-down list to choose the appropriate paper type and print quality of your output.
  4. Check if the cartridges have sufficient ink to get the print job done. It is done by clicking on the Estimated Ink Levels.
  5. Do not forget to align the print cartridges.
  6. Follow the below mentioned steps to align the ink cartridges from the printer software.
    1. Place unused A4 paper or letter into the input tray.
    2. Open the printer software and then choose Printer Actions.
    3. Access the Printer Toolbox by clicking on the Maintenance Tasks.
    4. Now, the printer toolbox appears.
    5. Go to the Device Services tab.
    6. Select the Align Ink Cartridges option. Now, your Hp Deskjet 3630 printer prints an alignment page.
    7. Place the alignment paper print side down on the right hand corner of the scanner glass.
    8. Touch the Start Copy Black button. Now, the printer aligns the ink cartridges.
    9. After the printer aligns the cartridges, remove the alignment sheet.
  7. If your printer is not low on ink, print a diagnostics page.
    1. Place A4 unused white paper on the input tray.
    2. Open the printer software and select Printer Actions.
    3. Choose Maintenance Tasks to open the Printer Toolbox.
    4. Select Print Diagnostic Information option and the printer now prints a diagnostics page.
    5. Check the blue, magenta, yellow and black boxes displayed on the diagnostics page. If you happen to notice any streaks, missing portions or no ink portions, then clean he ink cartridges.
  8. Follow thebelow mentioned steps to clean the ink cartridges automatically.
    1. Place A4 unused white paper on the input tray.
    2. Open the printer software and select Printer Actions.
    3. Choose Maintenance Tasks to open the Printer Toolbox.
    4. Select the Clean Ink Cartridges options. Now, follow the on-screen instructions to complete the job.
  9. If you still encounter similar problems, then call us on our toll-free number. Our panel of technicians would help you resolving any printer related issues at minimal and affordable costs.

How to prevent paper jams?

  1. The papers stacked in the input tray must be close to the brim line. It should not overfull the input tray.
  2. It is advisable to remove the printed papers from the output tray as and when the print jobs have been completed.
  3. The edges of the papers that are loaded in the input tray must stay flat and the edges should not be bent or torn.

How to clear a paper jam?

Paper jams can be nasty, if they are not looked upon. It will hinder your print jobs.

  1. Click on the Cancel button on your HP printer so that the printer cleans the paper jam automatically if the paper jam isn’t cleared properly, then it needs to cleared manually.
  2. The first step is to locate the paper jam in your HP Deskjet printer.
  3. Gently, try to pull the paper from the input tray if you locate the jam there.
  4. If the paper jam is in the output tray, then pull the paper slowly from the output tray.
  5. If the paper is stuck, then open the print carriage door and then move the print carriage to the extreme right to access the paper jam.
  6. If you suspect that the paper jam is inside the printer, then open the clean-out door that is at the bottom of the printer. Press the tabs that are located on the either sides of the clean-out door.
  7. Once you open it, then remove the jammed paper.
  8. Clean the clean-out door completely and close it.
  9. Now, close the door b pushing it towards the Hp printer until the tabs locks into its place.
  10. Tap on Start Copy Black or Start Copy Color to continue printing.

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