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HP DJ3630 instant ink

How to get the HP DJ3630 printer claim code?

Step 1: Check HP Connected setup requirement

  1. Ensure the country you are residing in supports HP Connected. Touch the drop-down list to find your country/region and language.
  2. When you setup and install the drivers in your printer, you might have been asked to activate your account with HP Connected. If you don’t have an HP Connected account, create one.
  3. Also, double check to see if your printer supports printing services connected via web. To cross check, look out for HP ePrint logo/button/icon on the printer’s control panel.
  4. Your computer should be connected to a wireless network or wired (Ethernet) with an working internet connection.

Step 2: Switch on Web Services

  1. Depending on your printer’s control panel, tap on Turn ON, Setup or Enable options according to the printer control panel you see. Follow the on-screen prompts and then go to the next step.
  2. If the Web Services Summary screen displays the status as Connected, then, your Web Services is already switched on.
HP Instant Ink

Step 3: Obtain the printer claim code

Once you switch on the Web Services option, your printer will print ‘Important Printer Setup Instructions’ or ‘Make the Most of Your Printer’ page. This printed page will contain information on how to enrol for Instant Ink and printer claim code.

NOTE: The printer claim code will be valid only for 24 hours. Enrol for HP Instant Ink before 24 hours or if the code is invalid, repeat the process again to print a new printer claim code.

For example, if your email address is displayed as jjsgfjadhgsfkaj@hpeprint.com, then jjsgfjadhgsfkaj is your printer claim code.

Step 4: Use the claim code to add your printer on HP Connected

  1. If you don’t have an existing HP Connected account, create one by going to HP Connected site.
  2. While creating your account, a Snapfish logon page is displayed, it means that HP Connected has found the you have a Snapfish account that is linked with the email address. Now, Sign in with you Snapfish account information.
  3. Select Add a Printer button from My Printers tab.
  4. Specify the printer claim code from the printer information page and then click on Add option and then tap on OK.
  5. If you have signed up for a new account with HP Connected, verify your account with the email address you have given. After verification, repeat the above mentioned process to enroll for HP DJ3630 Instant Ink.
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